ISEC(ISECard) IS your International Student/Youth/Faculty Identification Card.

  • Q. How do I activate my card?

    Activation of your ISEC/IYEC/IFEC is required to receive the full benefits of your membership.
    To activate, visit https://www.isecard.com/6_3.php Don’t forget to send a photo of you (must be jpg/bmp file, minimum 150 dpi resolution) and the front side of your card to order@isecard.com
  • Q. Is the ISEC/IYEC/IFEC an official state issued identification card?

    No. The cards are not intended to use as an official ID card for entry into bar or nightclubs. The ISEC/IYEC/IFEC is not a driver’s license, passport, or state ID. Its purpose is to identify you as a student, youth, or faculty member, so you can obtain travel benefits and discounts on goods, services and attractions.
  • Q. How do I know I have a genuine ISEC/IYEC/IFEC?

    Because ISEC is so popular and well recognized, there are fake agencies falsifying the ISEC cards. Your genuine ISEC/IYEC/IFEC has security features such as a hologram and a registered ISO number.
  • Q1. Can I renew my ISEC/IYEC/IFEC?

    You need to purchase a new card when the original one expires. This will ensure that all your information is correct and your photo is current. Order your card here: https://www.isecard.com/join.php
  • Q. How do I pay for my ISEC/IYEC/IFEC?

    Once your online application and submission documents are approved, you will receive a PayPal invoice. You can use your bank account, MasterCard or Visa through your PayPal account.
  • Q. Is there a shipping charge?

    The cards are sent by first class mail anywhere in the world with postal service, free of charge (15-30 business days). We also offer express mail service with a tracking number. Contact our sales team at order@isecard.com for details.
  • Q. Are ISEC/IYEC/IFEC cards refundable?

    No. Once your card has been approved and issued, there are no refunds. 
  • Q. I lost my ISEC/IYEC/IFEC card. Can you ship me a new one?

    Fortunately, you can still enjoy full benefits with the mobile card which comes free with the plastic card. If you want a plastic card, you need to apply again and purchase a new card. 
  • Q. Can I change my picture on the card?

    Once the card is issued, you cannot change any information on it. Please make sure you upload/send a photo that is current and high resolution.