ISE Card is your strategic business partner.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ISE Card affiliate. We have several opportunities allowing you to earn income and/or market your business to students, youths and faculty members worldwide.

As an ISE Card Issuing Agent, you can issue the world famous ISECard right in your own office to earn additional income. Or you can choose to include ISECard in your program package to increase the value of your program. see more >
With Advertiser Affiliates, you can create targeted advertisement to our customers, especially students and young people. When customers open their ISE mobile cards, they will see your advertisement before showing ISEC to the merchants. see more >
As a Discount Affiliate(Merchant), we will list your business in the ISEC discount database. Simply offer ISEC members a discount or concession and we’ll post your offering on our website where our members can search for travel ideas, discounts and deals. see more >






AD free International sim card offer for ISECard holders