ISEC is your International ID Card solution.

Do you need an International ID Card with a bank debit card?

ISEC has affiliated with WooriCard and Visa International for the combined ISEC/Debit Card. Almost 35,000 students have been issued this combined ISEC since 2005.

1Smart card chip

Smart cards can provide personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing. Smart cards may provide stronger security authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within large organizations.

2International ID Card function for students:

· International Student
  Identification Card
· Worldwide Student discounts
· Free mobile card service

3 The photo ID is another security feature which allows an easy way to identify the cardholder.

4Worldwide debit card function:

· VISA Worldwide payment system is available
· ATM/Visa withdrawals throughout the world.

International ID card and debit card in one, reducing the need to carry multiple cards.


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