ISECard IS your International ID Card solution.

Why do you need an International Identification Card?

Our worldwide discount partners are giving our customers the opportunity to experience various cultures and people. We are connecting our customers with our partners through our proprietary system and we feel rewarded helping partners and our customers

IDS – ISECard Discount System

The IDS has been improved to ensure that discounts offered with ISEC are current, relevant and valuable.

ISECard discounts range from local eateries, national brands, hotels, hostels, B&Bs, car rentals, public transportation, museums, amusement parks, castles, cultural sites and more. With the ISEC IDS, a member can search by discount type or location so the best deals are right at their fingertips.

Presently we are updating our IDS to give our customers more discounts.

Featured Discounts

International travel is becoming more commonplace every day. People travel the world in today’s expanding global era. Young people, and especially students, study and travel abroad to shape the future, get more experience, understand other people, and different cultures. Faculty, and teachers leading student groups, increase students’ academic awareness, and guide them through cultural and academic experiences.

We are ready to connect our customers to featured discounts through our proprietary system and take pride in helping our customers.





AD free International sim card offer for ISECard holders