ISEC Memebership Stipulation

ISEC is your International ID Card solution company.

1. Purpose
The purpose of the terms are to set up the details for ISEC / IYEC / IFEC services.

2. Members
2.1 Members are categorized into ISEC members, IYEC members and IFEC members.
2.2 ISEC(full-time version) members are full-time students.
2.3 ISEC(part-time version) members are part-time student.
2.3 IYEC members are between 12 and 26 years old.
2.4 IFEC members are faculty who is currently teaching.

3. Services
3.1 ISEC members can benefit from 5~50% discount or other extra services at ISEC affiliates. Members must ask the price before they use any services. Discount benefits might not be given after the payment is already done.
3.2 Members can use legal supports, medical supports, Worldwide Assistance SOS, etc. 24 hours a day in 24 languages. See the details on the website;
3.3 ISEC / IYEC / IFEC can be accepted for international identification card while traveling abroad, but it might not be accepted in some countries.
3.4 Provided cards do not include banking services. The combined ISEC & bank card can only be issued for full-time students from the bank affiliated with the company.

4. Issuing fee & expiration date
4.1 Members only pay when ISEC card is issued. If the card is reissued, members should pay the issuing fee in the same way they paid when they first ordered their card.
4.2 ISEC issuing fee can be different between affiliated agents.
4.3 Expiration date can be chosen between 1 year or 2 years. ISEC service and benefits will be provided until the expiration date.
4.4 There are three ways to get a card: online order, a visit to ISEC issuing agency, and a visit to an affiliated bank.
4.5 No exchange or refund after issuance of the card.

5. Penalty
ISEC card must not be issued to anyone who does not meet the qualifications. The action of submitting a false data will face the civil and criminal punishment for the forgery. You also must pay the fine of $2,500 to the company.

6. Effective Date:
This membership stipulation is effective since September 15, 2015.


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