ISEC is your International ID Card solution.

ISEC is your International ID Card solution. 
At ISEC, our mission is to provide youths, students, and the teachers who care for them, an identification card that will help them save money, stay connected, and be safe while exploring the world.

Our History

ISEC(ISECards) traces its roots back to 1958 at the University of Illinois, USA. The idea was to help students afford travel by utilizing the International Discounts offered by ISECards. The company was formally incorporated in 1987 in the State of Illinois, USA. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Patent number: 1,564,435 on November 7, 1989.

ISEC is the International Identity Card solution for students, youths and faculty to attain accreditation and protection. Initially, ISECards were issued only to U.S. students traveling overseas. By the late 1980’s, ISECards were also issued in Asia, followed by South and Central America, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Today, ISEC is sold in over 50 countries around the world.

ISECards, Inc. became ISEC in 2015 and our new system is currently under development and It is coming soon!

Our Social Responsibility

ISEC supports UNICEF
ISEC has supported UNICEF since 2004 and has donated more than $20,000 in charitable donation. We strive to protect the rights of children with safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflict. ISEC also provides pre-natal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, health care and education through charitable donations.


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